Reflections On My 2nd Nic Trip

Wow!  That’s all I can say as I look back onto what we were able to accomplish by the grace of God last week.  If anyone was running low on faith and didn’t have their tank refilled they truly missed it.  I remember stopping at several points throughout the week and just watching the work being done and thinking “how is this even possible?”  Thirteen men left from Duncan, SC on a trip ordained by God who didn’t know each other that well, came from different backgrounds and different occupations, arrived on a job site Monday morning completely overwhelmed and finished Thursday afternoon wondering what just happened.

What happened was God providing perfect weather during work hours (it rained at least 6 in. that week, all at night), each task being accomplished without asking someone to do it, men with little construction experience performing like they had done it for years, and receiving a blessing watching a pastor and his family work their tails off in their best clothes for their church.Thursday afternoon when the church was nearly complete around 100 men, women, and children filled the 24×60 building and worshipped the same God as you and I, thankful for all they had.

But what really blessed my heart and spirit this time around were the guys from CCM who do this work everyday.  They are such a great group to get to know.  They have so much passion for Jesus, their country, their job, their family, their friends, and us.  I consider each one of them a great friend and I miss them more each day.  The team of Nicaraguans working at CCM are special and I hope that everybody reading this gets the opportunity to work with them one day.  The lasting impression they have left on my life is something that I will always cherish.

Thank you Guillermo, Abner, Juan, Carlos, Ozzy, Bill, Jose, and Roger for everything you did for us, you mean more to me than you can ever know.