4 Points For 4 Points

The Lord blessed us with another AMAZING Sunday!!!  102 people in attendance, the band was rocking, and Pastor Mark’s message on forgiveness was very challenging.  Each week I cannot wait for Sunday to get here.  We are only 20 weeks in and the growth of our church is phenomenal.  Here are some more reasons to be PUMPED!

1.  We have about 10-15 people attending our second Partnership Class this Sunday.  It is not too late to sign up if you are interested in becoming a Partner with us. Click HERE if you would like to.

2.  What about the drummer and his “beat box”?  He can’t join us every week but we are looking into alternatives.  It added so much to the Worship experience.

3.  Please pray along with us about our future location.  We have a place we like, now we just need clear direction from the Holy Spirit before making any decisions.

4.  Easter preparations are underway.  I can’t begin to tell you how awesome it is going to be.  We will have two services at Pizza Inn, 9:15 and 11:15am.  We will have plenty of room for kids and adults.  Begin to invite your lost, unchurched, and dechurched friends.  We will be equipping you with invite cards in the coming weeks.  People are most likely to attend church on Easter and the gospel will be presented in a dynamic way.

Thank you again to all of our Partners, volunteers, and regular attendees who make 4 Points what it is.  Something big is about to happen and it is because you guys are making Jesus famous in our community!

4 Points For 4 Points

What an AMAZING day this past Sunday was!  It was cold and rainy yet we had 100 people in attendance.  You guys rock!  Uncle Alan gave an excellent message on leadership that I know resonated with me as I’m sure it did several of you as well. God continues to bless us each week and I can’t wait for the next Sunday to get here.  That said, here are some things to be excited about:

1.  Our 4 Points United outreach event to Woodwinds Apartments was a huge success.  Thank you to each and every one of you that came out to help.  The weather was perfect, the crowd was great, the food was good, but most importantly – kids met JESUS!  We will be going to these apartments again in the near future for those of you who couldn’t make it this time.  You will be blessed as much if not more than the residents that live there.

2.  This will be the last Sunday to sign up for the March Partnership Class.  We already have several of you signed up but there are plenty of spots still available.  See Guest Services this Sunday to register.

3.  We missed our band this past Sunday, but they will be back and better than ever this week.  Hunter does an incredible job leading worship each week.  Don’t forget to let him and the others know how much you appreciate them.

4.  Last but certainly not least, INVITE, INVITE, INVITE your friends, family, strangers, co-workers, whoever to 4 Points over the next several weeks.  Our new sermon series “That’s What HE Said” is kicking off and the first message on forgiveness is going to be awesome.  As we lead up to Easter we are going to be very intentional in sharing the Gospel so we need the unchurched and dechurched there.

You guys are the best and we LOVE the people God has allowed us to serve!