We Have Arrived!

Well I have been awake since 8 am Friday morning other than a quick nap Friday evening and a 30 minute nap on the first plane.  But that doesnt matter, we have arrived in Nic safely and it is awesome.  There were no major issues getting here other than a few people had to overcome their fear of flying.  We have gotten our assignements and we will begin Monday morning building schools, latrines, sharing the gospel, and playing sports.  Sunday morning we are going to attend a large church!  The weather, terrain, and living situation here reminds me alot of Belize.  I am told I have not seen the poorest areas yet, so I will describe it more in detail Moday night.  But the Lord has great plans for us and it is going to be awesome!  I wish more of you could be here with us.  Everyone says hi to their loved ones.  Till next time.

Josh Pallie

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