Everybody in the Barrio Get Tipsy

Well day 3 is complete and it was a productive day.  The weather was really nice, especially in the afternoon.  We laid the foundation for the first school, held VBS, and played games with the children.  The highlight of the day was Lamar passing out.  He was fine after a few moments of TLC from Josh Pallie.  At times it was very windy and we had to deal with some sand storms but that didnt stop us from doing what the Lord brought us here to do.  This continues to be such an amzing experience for me and I look forward to the next day.

I am learning so much about these people and their culture.  It is very different from ours but yet in a lot of ways the same.  The children just want you to pay them some attention and show them a little love.  The adults are appreciative of all we do, and the Chosen Children staff are great to work with.  Some of the families of the barrio as well as the Pastor of the barrio church are always around and looking to help us in any way.  As a rookie at this, I would recommend anyone that can come in the future to do so. 

Thats all I have for today but make sure you are checking out Mark and Austins blogs as well.  As always, everyone is doing fine and sends their love home.

Till Tomorrow,

Josh Pallie


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