4 Points For 4 Points

What an INCREDIBLE week it has been for 4 Points Church!  I am not going to give away the exciting news, I will save that for Pastor Mark on Sunday, but know that God has blessed us in multiple ways. This Sunday is going to be AWESOME so make sure you join us, and if you have never given us a try, this will be a great week to do it.

Here are some other nuggets:

1. Members have rights, Partners have responsibility.  If you have not partnered with 4 Points what are you waiting for?  Our next class will be held right after worship on October 7th in the auditorium.  Sign up at Guest Services.

2. We are going to be throwing a Big Youth Only Blowout on October 7th at 6:00pm.  Anyone in grades 6-12 is invited.  We will have food, drinks, games, worship, and other fun things.  Make plans to attend, have your teenager attend, and invite friends.

3. I just wanted to say thanks again to Chris Brank for leading worship for us this past Sunday.

4. Get plugged into a Connect 4 group.  You can find a listing of them in the worship guide this Sunday.  Pick a group then visit Guest Services to get plugged in.  Community is where it’s at. I promise your relationship with Jesus will get deeper.

What a great crowd we had last Sunday.  People are coming, you guys are inviting, and the spirit is moving.  Let’s keep it up, we are going to reach the least, lost, and lonely with the Gospel of Jesus.  With the crowds come logistical issues.  One of them was the kids check in area.  We solved that one by moving it to its own room.  Another problem is parking.  From this week out we are asking you to start parking in the rear if you are a regular attendee.  The back entrance is just as welcoming as the front so don’t be scared.

I am so grateful to everyone that serves each week.  You guys are the hands and feet of Jesus.  Your welcoming smile opening the door or meeting a person at the car softened their heart so they could hear from Pastor Mark and the holy spirit could move.  Love it!

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