Final Day in the Barrio

Well, we have completed our work in the barrios.  We built a school, started an addition to one, and started construction on a third larger school.  Several homes were repaired as well as a few bathrooms were built.  I would say that the construction portion of our trip was a huge success.  VBS was taught each day and other teams went door to door taking the Gospel of Jesus to these people.  It was so incredible to see what God would do each day through us.  Words cannot fully describe the love and affection our team had for the children and the children had for us.  They were so grateful for everything we gave them.

For the construction in Cristo Rey, we took a slight chance and hired a group of what in America we would consider gang members or trouble makers.  They were very hard workers and over the course of the two days really warmed up to us and though they did not accept Christ, it was obvious that the seed was planted and their lives were begining to transform.  When we parted ways, the one guy I would consider the roughest hugged each one of us.  How cool is that…

After we left the barrio we went to the local tourist market to buy some Nicaraguan wares and have a little down time.  Everyone is exhausted from the hard work this week.  Tomorrow we will go to Montilimar on the Pacific coast and have a little fun relaxing on a resort and in the ocean.

God has really blessed me on this trip and I cant wait to get home and share the many stories with all my friends and family.  Anyone that is able should come down here on one of our trips.  I promise you will be forever changed.  When you see how happy these people are in the by our standards awlful living conditions, you really get a sense for how blessed and spoiled we as Americans are.

As always, everyone is doing great and sends their love home.  Home, that is where we will be in just two days… a home with four solid walls, a roof that doesnt blow off in the wind, air conditioning, plenty of food, a bathroom, and a soft bed.  I know when I lay down Saturday night in my bed, the 20,000 living in Cristo Rey in 10×10 pieced together shacks, with no bathroom or amentities, sleeping on the ground will be in my prayers.

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