Cristo Rey

Today we went and worked in Cristo Rey. There are around 20,000 people that live there.  This barrio is a little rougher than the other ones we worked in as far as stealing and such.  We had to leave our stuff on the bus and guard our tools.  The children were well mannered for the most part during VBS and there were at least 4 decisons for Christ!  We started laying the footing for a 40×20 school next to an existing structure.  A couple of teams are also building bathrooms. 

It was so awesome to watch as Mark presented the Gospel to these children.  Most listened very intently.  Even though using a translator they seemed to hang on every word he said.  Everyone is really embracing these kids and showing them lots of love. 

We have paid for all the materials to finish each project as well as to put ceiling tiles in the Pastor School that is in the Chosen Children compound. 

We are going to finish up what we can tomorrow and then go to the market and kind of have a chill afternoon as everyone is starting to get tired, though today we were blessed with very mild weather.

The guys in my room are dropping like flies, I hope I am not next.  No, but really, other than a little sickness, everyone is doing fine.

Till tomorrow,

Josh Pallie

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