4 Points For 4 Points

This past Sunday was so incredible!  101 people in attendance, 5 salvations, one of my favorite sermons ever by Pastor Mark, a band, and a full house for our first Partnership Class.  God is so good and continues to bless 4 Points in so many ways.

A few things I wanted to share:

1.  If you missed our first Partnership Class, the next one will be held on March 4th right after worship.  Sign up on any Sunday up through a week in advance.

2.  We will have our first 4 Points Community event on Saturday February 18th from 11am-1pm at Woodwinds Apartments in Greenville.  This complex is mostly Hispanic so this will be a great opportunity to minister to them.  More details will be given this Sunday on how you can help and participate.

3.  Has “Under Construction” just been incredible or what!?!  The series concludes this week as Pastor Mark finishes up the completion of the wall in Nehemiah and we revisit our 4 Points Stance.  In two weeks we will kick off our brand new series “That’s What HE Said” which will take us through Easter.  Invite your friends, especially those far from Christ.  This series will teach us the importance of each sentence Jesus said while hanging on the cross.  You do not want to miss a week!

4.  A new challenge…Let’s top our 101 by getting to 112 people this Sunday!  Can we do it?  I think you can!

Thank you all for being so faithful.  Remember, we are the Church, let’s represent Christ in all we do.

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